The New Samsung Display Is Changing the Industry

Samsung is one of the top technology companies in the industry, and the tech giant has recently released a new display showing exactly why. Samsung is the latest company to show off its unique concepts for sliding and folding screens. Recently showcased at a virtual Display Week exhibit, Samsung showed off a 17-inch folding screen and a multi-foldable mobile display monitor.

The new concept has been dubbed the S-Foldable, with a novel bi-fold design that expands to just over 7 inches in size. While it is similar to the Galaxy Z Fold 2, it is not identical, as it has an extra fold.

There Are Bigger Panels on the Horizon

While the mobile folding display screen is undoubtedly impressive, Samsung does have two additional concepts for larger panels, including a foldable OLED display. When folded, this screen is about the size of a tablet. When it unfolds, it is the size of a typical screen monitor and can function as such.

In addition, Samsung is in the process of rolling out a traditional laptop display that doesn’t flex or fold; however, it does have a display camera under the screen, which promises to be a step up with countless people looking to continue video-conferencing while working remotely. The camera functions the same as a traditional video camera; however, it gives people the appearance of making eye contact with the people on the other end of the camera because the camera is directly beneath the screen instead of being mounted as a hole on top of the screen. There might even be an under-panel camera on the new Samsung Z Fold 3.


Samsung Has Sliding Displays in the Works for the Future

In addition, Samsung has also shown off its slidable display at the same event. This unique screen allows you to expand the screen by unrolling an extra display length that is hidden underneath the device. When it is fully open, the screen is 17 inches wide. It is similar to a 4:3 canvas; however, each half of the display screen functions as its own widescreen, leading to a greater degree of versatility. While the sliding display screen might not be released at the same time as the foldable screen, anticipation is building for this novel technology as well, as Samsung continues to fine-tune this novel technology.

Samsung Will Continue To Push the Industry Forward

It has become obvious that Samsung is looking to push the envelope in the technology industry. As technology continues to become more important in countless industries, it is certain that foldable screens, sliding screens, and the added versatility and flexibility each option provides will become integral. It will be exciting to see what Samsung does next, as it continues to position itself as an authority in the field. While there is a lot of anticipation for these novel devices,it is almost certain that Samsung will make more improvements to these designs before they are finally released.


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