Top 10 App Development Review Websites 2018


2018 app developer review websites


So you’re on the hunt for a mobile app developer and want to make sure you pick the best of the best. What review sites are legit and which ones are just blowing smoke? It’s imperative to get an idea of the ability, communication skills, and delivered products from a potential vendor, and reading 3rd party recommendations and reviews can usually help weed out the bad apples from the bunch.

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2 Reasons Reviews & Review Sites are Important

In the world of social media, accountability is becoming extremely important. The ability to instantly share information with your peers about your favorite products and businesses means that companies have had to make sure they are on top of their customer service standards.

According to LinkedIn “Over 72 percent of businesses have more trust in a local business with positive reviews.”

As a company, you need to make sure you are managing your business’ reputation:

  • Receiving business reviews
  • Replying to reviews when necessary
  • Submitting your company to peer review sites
  • Sharing your business on social media


1) Business reviews shape a company’s reputation online

Reviews, even if negative, are a great way for businesses to manage their reputation. Social media posts give companies the opportunity to respond to feedback and satisfy customers.


2) Reviews provide valuable feedback

It’s important for a company to know how they’re doing, whether they need improvement or what makes their products and services valuable and unique – feedback can help keep a business on track. If you know you’re excelling in a particular area, you can also focus on that in your marketing and sales, playing off the company’s strengths.

Which app developer peer reviews are valid and worth reading? Below we’ve compiled a list of the most legitimate sources below, so that next time you need an app developer, you have a quick reference list.


  1. Google My Business
    As it stands, Google’s reputation is paramount for the credibility of their stringent approval process confirms users’ identities when posting, making it rare to come across false claims or feedback.
  1. Clutch
    A relatively new company, has made a large impact in a few short years, using a personalized interview process for each review left on companies involved in the digital realm.
  2. Bing Places
    Clearly Microsoft’s copy of Google My Business, Bing Places has incorporated Google’s strict submission policies, making it another reputable source of honest customer reviews.
  3. AppFutura
    AppFutura has designed a platform very similar to Clutch, which takes individual interviews from customers in order to present thoroughly vetted, honest reviews.
  4. GoodFirms
    A research and review platform, GoodFirms created their tool to help software buyers and service seekers find the best match for their needs with manually verified reviews and submissions.
  5. Top App Creators
    Top App Creators is a hybrid review platform and verified company listing, which ranks app development companies based on criteria like reputation, budget, delivery time, and more.
  6. They Make Apps
    A definitive online directory of mobile application developers, the vision of this platform is to level the playing field and help app developers get exposure online for their projects.
  7. Wadline
    The Wadline platform was designed to help clients find the best IT company for their project by presenting leaders of the industry and showcasing their portfolio, profile, areas of expertise and price tier.
  8. BusinessofApps
    Providing industry analysis, insights, data and stats for App Developers and App Development Companies, this platform includes a marketplace with various categories related to web and mobile app creation.
  9. ITFirms
    Compiling and vetting a list of IT solutions companies, including web development, mobile app development and software development, this platform lists and ranks companies based on longevity and reputation.


Why are these the Top?



app development company reviews 2018

“Over 72 percent of businesses have more trust in a   local business with positive reviews.”  

Based on volume, traffic, and quality, these are the top sites for vetting the best in app development companies. Google My Business, for example, requires a Google email account in order to leave a legit review, and these are manually vetted for authenticity. This means that unlike a site like Yelp, notorious for fake negative reviews, getting trolled is highly unlikely.

Whether you’re building anything from a consumer-facing productivity app to software for your small business, it’s important to check out the range of competition in your city.


Three important review website tips for customers:


1) Check for authenticity

If the site is a credible provider of stats (like Google), it is more likely that the reviews and businesses listed within are also legit. Google My Business has a strict verification process to authenticate new businesses that are submitted.


2) Make sure it’s current

There’s not much point in pouring through reviews that are dated, especially at companies where developers move on and employees shift. Make sure the information you are reading is up to date and relevant.


3) Look for variety

Not all projects and customers are the same, so look for information in the reviews that can help you learn more about a business. Reviews can be telling about a company’s communication methods, project delivery and more, and can be very insightful when you’re trying to choose an app development company for your next project.


Top 10 App Developer Review Websites 2018

 Top 10 App Development Review Websites 2018

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Essential Designs on the Top 10 App Development Review Websites:

  1. Google My Business
  2. Clutch
  3. Bing Places
  4. AppFutura
  5. GoodFirms
  6. TopAppCreators
  7. TheyMakeApps
  8. Wadline
  9. BusinessofApps
  10. ITFirms


By Mary MacPherson

Authored by Mary MacPherson

Mary is a popular Vancouver DJ and has been working in the high tech field since her inception as a web developer at Newbridge Networks in 1996.

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