Top 10 Website Design Companies Vancouver


top 10 website design companies vancouver


It’s time to build a new website and pick your website design company! Who do you choose? Vetting your options is easy these days, here we have compiled a list for you of the cream of the crop – the best website design companies in Vancouver, BC.

Download our infographic of the Top 10 Website Design Companies Vancouver


Why choosing the right website design company is important


If you need a new website built, it’s important to make sure you choose a reputable, easy to work with website design company that can handle all of your needs. Websites in 2018 / 2019 need to meet 3 key criteria to fulfill current web standards:

Without meeting these basic requirements, your website may encounter issues like:

  • a high bounce rate (people landing on your page and immediately leaving)
  • negative brand perception
  • low search engine visibility


Two important factors in your website design


Website “Best Practices” of 2018 recognize the need for websites to be beautiful, functional, clear and logical. Because people are using all kinds of devices to access the web these days, responsive design using HTML5 and CSS3 is key.


1) Your Website will be accessed by a variety of devices

Android, iOS, smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop – your site needs to load fast, look great and have consistency across all of the platforms and devices that may reach it. Responsive design automatically adjusts your site to optimally display on the device accessing it – read more about responsive design on our tech blog.


2) Search Engine Optimization

These days, SEO is a large factor that can be built into a site in the early inception days of design, making sure that the site adheres to best practices. This avoids getting blacklisted by popular search engines like Google and Bing and making sure your site reaches those intended.

Transparency about who owns a website is one of Google’s largest focus on their latest search engine rule updates. This means it’s imperative for credibility purposes to disclose information about who you are, have an easy to find Contact page, and a visible Privacy Policy. You can check out a list of some more of the best ‘Best Practices’ tips for 2018 from

Because we at Essential Designs are a mobile app, web app, and business software development company in Vancouver, we do not focus on building brochure websites. Check out this article on our tech blog if you’re not sure of the difference between a website and a web app!



Below is a list of the Top 10 Website Design Companies in Vancouver


Rank Company URL Web Design Focus
1 Forge and Smith 70%
2 Graphically Speaking 50%
3 Stigan Media 30%
4 Daniel Choi Design 60%
5 ImageX 90%
6 Blueberry Cloud 75%
7 BragDeal Inc. 50%
8 Burst Creative Group 30%
9 Aroma Web Design 20%
10 Witty Cookie 20%

Why are these the top Website Design Companies in Vancouver?


app development company reviews 2018

“Over 72 percent of businesses have more trust in a   local business with positive reviews.”  

We have compiled a list of the best companies in Vancouver who are currently focused on web design and have broken them down in the table. The ranking criteria are based on some important contributing factors, including reputation & reviews, length of time in business, service focus, and portfolio.

Often if you are building a new website, you have secondary needs, and can consider these when choosing the right company for your project.  These requirements can include graphic design, branding, logo design, UI/UX design, digital strategy, content marketing, SEO, digital advertising, and CMS & eCommerce website development.


Below is another table to include these secondary items of focus from each of the ranked companies:


Company Graphic Design Branding / Logo UI/UX SEO Digital Strategy Content Marketing eCommerce
Forge and Smith x x x
Graphically Speaking x x
Stigan Media x x x
Daniel Choi Design x x
Blueberry Cloud x
BragDeal Inc. x x
Burst Creative Group x x
Aroma Web Design x x x x
Witty Cookie x x x x


Infographic of the Top 10 Website Design Companies Vancouver

 top 10 website design companies vancouver

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By Mary MacPherson

Authored by Mary MacPherson

Mary is a popular Vancouver DJ and has been working in the high tech field since her inception as a web developer at Newbridge Networks in 1996.

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