5 Advantages of Custom Business Apps

Building Custom Business Apps

Every business is unique, and business needs vary enormously from one organization to the next. As such, the traditional, ready-made software packages just aren’t the best solution for most businesses anymore. Business owners are realizing that it is difficult for one product to accommodate all of their needs, so they are increasingly turning to customized business applications. Here are five compelling advantages that a customized business app offers to help maximize the ease and efficiency of your day-to-day operations.

Designed to Meet Your Needs

The number one advantage of having a custom app for your business is that it is specifically designed to meet your exact business needs, based on your input during the software development process. This means that the application won’t have hundreds of features and fields that aren’t of benefit or use to you – rather, the final product will have all the necessary functionality that your business can take full advantage of.

Better Scalability

Customized business applications are built to fit the size of your business and can scale easily according to your changing business needs. The flexibility during the software development process allows you to start small with the minimum necessary requirements and a few users, with the ease to add more functionality and users later as your business grows without having to switch systems or incur additional licensing fees.

Improved Business Security

Ready-made software solutions are typically used by several businesses. Custom business applications offer enhanced security since the product is not available for use by anyone else – the system is 100% yours. After building your customized application, the software development company does not get to use your code or your product to sell it to the next customer. As such, other companies cannot gain insight into how your business operates.

Cost Savings in the Long Run

One of the primary benefits when considering an off-the-shelf solution is the lower up-front cost. However, upgrades, software support, monthly licensing fees and per-user costs can inflate this budget. Over time, these fees may actually exceed the cost of building the customized business system, without any of the advantages. With a customized business application, cost savings are presented in the form of employee efficiency and scalability. Since most ready-made software will not be the perfect solution, you may have to adapt your processes and personnel behaviour to fit the software. A customized business application should match exactly how your business works, hence hidden costs like slower work rate or staff retraining will be reduced.

Fewer Adoption Problems

Since your custom business application will be tailor-made to match your business needs and processes, adoption problems among your staff will be fewer. The application is equipped with only features that your business requires, making it easier to use and involves less training. This leads to a quicker ramp-up to widespread adoption of the application within the organization – and when you are building a system for hundreds or thousands of users, this time can add up! If a problem does arise, a major advantage you get with custom business applications is faster and more effective technical support. Working with a software company, you will have access to a support team that was involved in the development process so they are familiar with your application and all your problems are resolved more efficiently and reliably.

Get in Touch

Whether it’s a system that facilitates internal communications or helps you streamline and automate billing, we can build a fully customized system to meet your unique business needs. Together, our team of software developers has touched on just about every sector, not to mention every type of application. Get in touch with our team to learn how we can help create a customized application to help your business grow and function more efficiently.

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