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We build incredible business software. From simple to complex, data-driven or consumer projects, we are highly experienced at delivering results.

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    We are Vancouver’s Web & Software Developers

    We are Vancouver software developers headquartered in downtown Vancouver, BC. Our team of 32 experienced developers, alongside our technical director, UI/UX designer, project managers, and sales staff are here to help you build incredible business software. From SaaS cloud-hosted systems to complex, data-driven projects, we are highly experienced at delivering excellent results. We rebuild old legacy systems and build a new software for a variety of uses – from consumers to business backends – if you can dream it, we can build it. In addition to software development and business platforms, we specialize in mobile app development and web app development.

    Business Software Platforms


    Our teams enjoy working individually with clients and building web applications from the ground up. Using, Java, C#, Python, and PHP allows our developers to make the most out of any web application you desire, whether the application is to be used by team members and employees only or if you are looking to expand your reach with potential customers.

    At Essential Designs, we provide custom business software that has been thoroughly tested and implements a myriad of features and functions based on each clients’ needs. Our experienced programming team love tackling new challenges and concocting new methods of developing and launching successful web applications on all platforms (including Android and iOS).

    Popular types of web applications for businesses include data tracking, tracking sales, and easier communication within team members or those utilizing your application individually. Streamlining and automating sales and billing cycles is also possible with a uniquely-developed web application to fit your current business model (based on your consumer base and needs). While developing a unique web application requires an investment, it is ultimately extremely valuable when attempting to scale your business or hire new remote and on-site workers.

    Our Experience


    Essential Designs has worked with hundreds of organizations to create custom business software, ranging from Schneider Electric, Honeywell and TECK to the creation of the Lifeguard First Responder App. We understand what it takes to create successful business web applications and work individually with each of our clients, striving for perfection. We have worked with hundreds of marketplace applications and types of business software for a variety of companies, giving us a leading edge over the competition while guaranteeing satisfaction and high-quality results.

    Business Web Applications


    We also specialize in building business-specific web applications, making it much easier to communicate with team members while managing your day-to-day tasks with less hassle. Developing a business application for your company is a way to potentially automate billing, send tickets to working employees (even if they are working remotely), or simply manage time and schedules within any department or your company as a whole. Ultimately, building a custom business web application is a way to reduce overall costs by increasing productivity, efficiency, and overall communication with all of your employees and customers simultaneously.

    Customized Systems


    Our experience covers all kinds of customized systems from office management and order tracking to stock trading applications. We’ve even architected systems to manage Canadian resource companies and mines.  We do not focus on only one industry or sector, we build systems for any industry that requires our expertise.

    We build a fully customized system for each of our clients.  What this means is that we are not taking a pre-made software package and refitting it to your business, but building a system from the ground up tailored to your needs.  You will never be stuck at some point in the future with a packaged limit to changes that you can make or features that cannot be adjusted – the system is 100% yours and allows for customization at any time.  This also means that you will not have hundreds of features and fields in your application that are not of benefit or use to you, every item will be added specifically based on your need for it, making the system very streamlined.  We do not get to use your code and product to sell to the next customer as well, you own all rights and licenses to the end code.

    Applications Of Every Kind


    Our team of software developers has created applications for almost every sector, not to mention every type of application: from CRM services like Salesforce (cloud computing), online Banking platforms and Point of Sale Systems to Insurance claim filing applications.

    Whether you are located in metro Vancouver, Calgary, the greater Toronto area or elsewhere in Canada, our team can help you build a custom application that meets all of your requirements.

    Is your software outdated?


    So many of our customers are struggling with an old legacy software system that doesn’t fit their modern needs. It’s a glaringly obvious issue that can feel overwhelming to tackle. It may be time to update your business systems if:


    • Your old software needs to be run on a physical computer / remote desktop and your business is heavily reliant on this one machine staying up at all times
    • Your software won’t run on the current Windows / platform version or can no longer be updated
    • Data cannot be accessed remotely
    • Concurrent users connecting remotely causes issues
    • Fnding a legacy programmer to make changes and updates is next to  impossible
    • System is slow or takes a long time to load
    • Databases are designed in MS Access
    custom responsive web application

    Starting your project is easy:


    1. Give us a call to discuss your project needs and determine if custom software is right for your business, or if we can recommend an off-the-shelf solution
    2. Once we’ve determined if custom software is the right fit for your business, we’ll start on our 5 stage project process. Learn more about our process here:

    3. With each project we take on, we assign a dedicated team for your development needs. This team includes: your ED Sales Rep, Project Manager, Developer(s), Technical Lead, Designer(s) and a wireframe specialist.
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    Our Process



    #3 DESIGN

    #4 CODE

    We follow a 5 step process for all Essential Designs projects.

    Each step in the app development process is managed by our team, with final approval by the client before proceeding to the next step.  The steps are sequential, meaning prior to the start of any code by our app developers in step 4, a fully approved wireframe and design will be locked and ready for the coding and app development team.

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