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We are a Vancouver application development company located in the heart of downtown, and serving cities in the GVRD including the City of Surrey Software development. We are happy to come to your office to talk about your next project, or you can visit us at ours!


Our team of 14 experienced programmers, alongside our technical director, project managers, and sales staff are here to help you build custom software to manage your business. From rebuilding legacy software, creating customized business Platforms from the ground up, to unique Web and Mobile Applications, we can work with you to deliver a product that will help your business manage, measure and improve.


Consider a customized business web app for both Android and iOS. Develop an innovative marketing application that suits your business, target demographic, and the needs of potential consumers who show an interest in your brand and what you have to offer. Ultimately, building a custom business web application is a way to reduce overall costs by increasing productivity, efficiency, and overall communication with all of your employees and customers simultaneously.

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We follow a 5 step process for all Essential Designs projects.

Each step in the app development process is managed by our team, with final approval by the client before proceeding to the next step.  The steps are sequential, meaning prior to the start of any code by our app developers in step 4, a fully approved wireframe and design will be locked and ready for the coding and app development team.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have custom software, can you take over the development?

Project takeovers are very common for us, we are very experienced with legacy systems and older coding languages.  We can typically either take over the ongoing development of your platform or rebuild your old system from scratch. In the latter case, we use the system as an initial model from which we build out a plan for a new modern application.

How does payment work during a project?

Our development model is based on a fixed price quote, and payments are made on scheduled Milestones during the project.  For each project that we begin we create a Milestone list, along with the dates for deployment of that Milestone and the payment schedule.  There is also an initial payment and a portion of the payment that is withheld until final sign off and approval.

Can you build a prototype of my software idea?

Typically we start each software development project with the MVP – the Minimum Viable Product.  Initially, we recommend that we create the fewest number of features to start. This means you can test and implement your new system keeping cost low and add-on features from there.

I have an idea for a new software project, what are the next steps?

Every piece of software starts as a concept. The next phase is to get more tangible and build out a features list or what we call a “Scope Document”.  This doc is a written version of your concept, along with anything and everything you can think of on how you envision the software working.  Listing features and as much detail that you can think of at this stage is very valuable.

How much does it cost to build?

The cost associated with building custom software can range greatly. There is not generally a quick answer to this, but we are happy to try and ballpark your project once you have a solid features list.  There are also a number of options which impact the price to select from, for example, a responsive web application is much less expensive than building two separate native applications for both iOS & Android.

Can your software development team handle our workload, and when would you be able to begin?

We have a team of 14 full-time senior developers and are most often able to get started on your project right away.  We may require adjusting the schedule to assign the appropriate team member, but typically always have a period of wireframe and design at the start of the project, which we are able to get started on immediately.

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