The Web Development Process – Nothing Worth Doing is Easy

In a previous blog, we highlighted why every business needs a website. Your competitors undoubtedly have theirs, and you need a website that does more than look good.

Of course, your website has to both look good and have a friendly user interface before it can move from static to dynamic. This post will cover the basics of web design and why you need the services of a web applications developer like Essential Designs.

Web designer skills—the basics

Web designing requires web developers to have a variety of knowledge, skills and tools:

A knowledge of basic designing tools

The tools for web design include platforms like Printshop and Adobe Illustrator. Both those platforms provide the basics for imaginative processing and graphic design.

Visual appeal and attention to the user experience/interface (UX/UI)

In his amusing blog for Web Tribunal, Nick Galov highlights some interesting web design statistics. Visual appeal and user experience ranked high at 90% for users “who would continue shopping because of great UX.”

Knowing the language of HTML & CSS

Web designers need a thorough knowledge of HTML (Hypertext markup language) and CSS (Cascading style sheets. Both are the fundamental building blocks for the style and structure of any website.

Going to the next level with Java Script

Web pages that do more than just sit there need the programming language of JavaScript. JavaScript allows constant updates, interactive maps, animated graphics, and a variety of features like scrolling video.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

No web design will be worth the effort unless it is backed up by SEO. Search engine optimization involves much more than keywords and key phrases. Search engines will ignore websites that are slow to load, have chaotic layouts and confusing structures. Building a website that ranks requires a balance of the aforementioned UX/UI and attending to the requirements of SEO.

Responsive design

With responsive design, the website’s online presence adapts to any screen size, on any device.

The foregoing are just the basics. Web design also requires sophisticated software and marketing knowledge; e.g., integrated content management and digital marketing trends.

Taking the next step to web applications

The skills required for successful web application development are all of the above, plus the following:

Creating business and customized web applications

A custom business web application is just the right tool to reduce costs, increase productivity, and improve overall communication with customers and employees. This process requires precise UX/UI skills and a transition to web-based business processes that stay up to date without relying on legacy software and data silos.

Cloud development and SaaS (Software as a Service)

Web application development includes technologies that deliver computer applications over the internet as a paid subscription service. Instead of loading and maintaining application software, the user accesses it on the internet, relieving the user of the update and software management headaches.

More about the responsive web application

With the above-mentioned Responsive design, only one version of the web application can do the job without the need to build a native mobile version for the application. Responsive design works with a wide variety of web-based software, including web portals, admin panels and software as a service product.

Also, responsive web applications don’t need native device features and are becoming the industry standard because they require few updates. The responsive design approach requires only one version of an application.

Looking for a custom web application?

The Essential Designs team of professional software developers are your go-to team for creating applications for your business. We specialize in iOS web application development, Android web application development and .NET and have done work for companies like Honeywell and Lifeguard Digital Tech. Contact us and tell us about your ideas and how we can help you. 

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