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iOS App Developers 

iPhone and iPad apps have opened a world of opportunities for business. It’s a creative and exciting evolution for users and for iOS app developers alike. Being senior level IOS App developers, no challenge is too great. We can successfully (and easily) create anything from simple landing pages to full mobile eCommerce deployments.

With the advent of the iPod, iPad, and iPhone, we have come a long way regarding technology in the past decade. Apple has opened up a plethora of available ways to reach potential customers and loyal users for any brand, large or small. When you are thinking of iOS mobile app development services for software or an app you have in mind, consider working alongside Essential Designs and our team of experienced senior programmers and developers. Our team has developed hundreds of apps and thoroughly enjoys new challenges and ideas to place in the highly competitive market today!

iOS App Development  

Our team of programmers and developers focus on native code when developing iOS applications. With native code, your iPhone or iPad is able to better leverage all of the devices features (ranging from Bluetooth and the accelerometer to GPS and your device’s camera). Using Swift or Objective-C for most applications, we are able to make the most out of your app’s functionality without compromising the app or software with bugs and user problems.

For more simplistic applications, we also code in a cross-platform manner utilizing Titanium, PhoneGap, and Xamarin. While these are not ideal for large applications (using excessive multimedia and other intense functions), this option is often suitable for smaller and less intricate apps on the market.

Mobile App Developers

iOS Programmers

Having the ability to work with senior iOS app developers allows you more freedom when working to determine the right languages and solutions that work best with the vision you have for your app. Our team works with our clients on an individual basis, rather than offering up one solution or programming option – giving you more freedom and total control over the final outcome of your product prior to its release.



Mobile UX/UI Design

iPhone App Developers

With the experience of senior iPhone app developers who have worked on hundreds of applications in the past, feel at ease throughout the entire process of creating to executing your app on the market (regardless of whether you are providing services, products, or information to your users). If you are unsure of the type of language that is ideal for the app or software you have in mind, we are happy to discuss your options and the possibilities that will work best for the software or application you are seeking to develop.

Advanced User Interface

When compared to web-based applications, iOS native mobile application development enables attractive native phone features and abilities, allowing us to create a more rich user experience for your application. We are very adept at creating a vivid visual experience for your users and helping to create the full user experience in detail.
We are able to take full control of the project as a whole and provide the full application layout and wireframe along with full graphic design. If you already have a graphic design staff, we can work with your team to create the overall application look, which we then turn in to a functional application.

Our Experience Creating Apps for iPhones

We have successfully designed, built, and launched dozens of iOS apps that have been downloaded onto iPhones around the world. From retail shopping reward systems, social apps, mobile courier and food order system, to field worker applications workers can use on their iPhones, we have worked with entrepreneurs to create apps which offer an optimal user experience. We have also created apps with React Native that will work on both iPhone and Android devices.

Internal Apps or Revenue Generating Apps

We build applications for many different uses, and often our clients use the applications for internal purposes only. That is to say, their staff has access to the mobile app but the app is not widely available on the public app store. This is used when the data in the application is private and not for public display, or the goal of the application is for staff communication and not to involve the public. We are happy to build the applications in either direction and can help explain which is ideal for your project.

We also build applications for customers who are looking to profit directly from the application, both in the Apple App Store and Google Play. In these situations, the client needs to set up their own account with these two services in order to collect the revenue and manage taxes. We can discuss with you how to go about this process and get your app setup live on the app stores.

We develop in Native Code for iOS, Android and Windows

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