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We Are Experienced Web Application Developers

Web Apps:  when you want to build a product that works on every device, instantly.

We’re designers. We’re coders. We’re software developers. We create web applications with rich and consistent experiences across all devices. Our team with 10 years of experience have been working together long enough to know how to build a breadth of software systems from beginning to end – efficiently and reliably. Our expertise: we custom build business management systems designed to maximize the ease and efficiency of your day-to-day operations.

Web Application Design

Our incredible UI/UX design team works with each client individually to create a beautiful, intuitive product.  We work with your existing logo/branding guidelines to create User Flow, visual and clickable mockups using Sketch and Invision. We are able to deliver a web application design that is responsive, user-friendly and logical.

Our team of programmers and developers are well-versed in a variety of languages, giving our clients more options when building an application from scratch with specific functions and requirements. We are not fans of traditional app developing packages, as these often lead to bugs and limits the ability to implement truly unique features into our clients’ projects.

Instead, we enjoy working one on one with each of our individual clients to determine their needs while also developing a solution and project scope that works best without eliminating the overall ability of the final web app itself. At Essential Designs, we work only with the best senior programmers and developers around, allowing our clients to get the most out of any app they envision from scratch.

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Business Web Applications

We also specialize in building business-specific web applications, making it much easier to communicate with team members while managing your day-to-day tasks with less hassle. Developing a business application for your company is a way to potentially automate billing, send tickets to working employees (even if they are working remotely), or simply manage time and schedules within any department or your company as a whole. Ultimately, building a custom business web application is a way to reduce overall costs by increasing productivity, efficiency, and overall communication with all of your employees and customers simultaneously.

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Customized Systems

Our experience covers all kinds of customized systems from office management and order tracking to stock trading applications. We’ve even architected systems to manage Canadian resource companies and mines.  We do not focus on only one industry or sector, we build systems for any industry that requires our expertise.

We build a fully customized system for each of our clients.  What this means is that we are not taking a pre-made software package and refitting it to your business, but building a system from the ground up tailored to your needs.  You will never be stuck at some point in the future with a packaged limit to changes that you can make or features that cannot be adjusted – the system is 100% yours and allows for customization at any time.  This also means that you will not have hundreds of features and fields in your application that are not of benefit or use to you, every item will be added specifically based on your need for it, making the system very streamlined.  We do not get to use your code and product to sell to the next customer as well, you own all rights and licenses to the end code.

SAAS (Software As A Service) & Cloud Development

Our software developers have expertise in rich-Internet application technologies including Ajax and ASP.NET. Because we specialize in complex systems, we’re a software company that can build products to accommodate the needs of thousands or even millions of users.

Responsive Design

Responsive design is an exciting breakthrough in web design technology. Finally, your online presence can automatically adapt to any screen size, on any device. With responsive design, you only need one version of your app or website to serve the different preferences of the entire market. Often, with a responsive web application, you don’t even need to build a native mobile version of your app.

Responsive design works for a wide range of web-based software applications; from admin panels to portals, to SaaS projects. Buy stocks, review sales reports, order more pallets of wood – whatever you need, view and easily accomplish your tasks on any device. Remember, no matter how large or complicated your project may be, we have the skills to create an intuitive experience for your users and a headache-free experience for you. Contact us today to learn how smooth the process can be.

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iOS or Android? Get Both With A Responsive Web Application

Responsive web applications are by far the most flexible option in today’s emerging device marketplace. Never mind being less expensive to develop, you are only required to build your application once – and you’re off to the races. Responsive web applications do not rely on native device features, rather common web browser features, and can execute a complicated array of tasks and database procedures. We are custom web application development specialists, and it is the heart of our business.

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A Competitive Advantage

Responsive design is a technology that requires few updates and has quickly moved towards becoming the industry standard. If you choose to implement this now you can get a jump on the competition; while your competitors’ users are dealing with cumbersome digital experiences (and dropping off), yours will stick around and navigate in comfort.

It essentially allows you to make 1 version of your application, which will adjust in size based on the device viewing it. It allows for your application to be easily viewed on standard large monitors, tables and all mobile phones. Essential Designs creates all of its applications with responsive design, as we believe access to data can’t stop at the office desk, but is needed at home and on the go.

Applications Of Every Kind

Our team of software developers has created applications for almost every sector, not to mention every type of application: from CRM services like Salesforce (cloud computing), online Banking platforms and Point of Sale Systems to Insurance claim filing applications.

Whether you are located in Metro Vancouver, Greater Toronto Area or elsewhere in Canada, our team can help you build a custom application that meets all of your requirements.

We specialize in iOS, Android and .NET

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