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We are a Canadian software developer and IT Services team, headquartered in Vancouver, BC. With 15 full-time, experienced developers, alongside our technical director, UI/UX designer, project managers, and sales staff are here to help you manage your technology. From setting up office email to complex security management, we are highly experienced at delivering excellent results.

Our Expertise in IT Backup Services


it backup servicesWhether you need on-site data backup, remote data backup or cloud data backup solutions, we have you covered. Backup Services is a method of data storage in which files, folders, or the entire contents of a hard drive are regularly backed up to a remote, secure, cloud-based data repository over a network connection. The purpose of online backup is simple and straightforward: to protect your information – whether it’s business data or personal info – from the risk of loss associated with user error, hacking, or any other kind of technological disaster.


Data is an integral asset for business, whether it’s securing your customers’ private data or your own.  With the increased use of technology in both personal and business life, comes the danger of the hardware systems failure, from computers & drives, servers, and devices. This means that sooner or later, the computer storage system might fail. Failure can cause corruption and loss of crucial data. If hardware fails, an option is to try to restore data from the old hardware, however sometimes corrupted data isn’t recoverable. This means that without backup, crucial data like financial records, government forms, and personal details may be permanently lost.


Why are Backup Services Important?


Data is the essence of any organization. A staggering 60% of companies that lose critical data shut down within 6 months of the loss. Data loss is often a major concern for software-as-a-service (SaaS) customers because SaaS vendors’ backup policies cannot guarantee a complete and speedy restore of lost data. Data can be put in jeopardy by user error, hacking, sync issues, or malicious insiders.

Data loss, and the worry that surrounds it can be easily avoided by pairing SaaS applications with a complete backup and recovery solution.

Benefits of Backup Services


We offer a variety of Backup Services with many benefits, including:

  • Convenience. Once we are set up in your system, your information is saved automatically as it streams in. You don’t have to proactively save, label, and track information yourself, allowing you to concentrate on your business without worrying about data loss.
  • Safety. Because your data is stored securely, you are not subject to the typical threats of hackers, natural disasters, and user error. Data that is stored is encrypted, which minimizes the risks your data can incur.
  • Ease of recovery. Due to multiple levels of redundancy, if data is lost or deleted (most frequently through individual user error or deletion), backups are available and easily located. Multiple levels of redundancy mean that multiple copies of your data are stored in independent locations. The more levels you have stored the better, as each level ensures that your data is safeguarded against loss as much as possible, allowing you to access a backed-up version of your data if it ever gets lost.
  • Affordability. Our ongoing service & support can be less expensive than the cost of tape drives, servers, or other hardware and software elements necessary to perform backup; the media on which the backups are stored; the transportation of media to a remote location for safekeeping; and the IT labor required to manage and troubleshoot backup systems.


We offer free consultations to determine your Data Backup needs and will help you choose the best-equipped service plan for your business. Contact us today to get started!

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